Ridgecrest Holdings LLC

Ridgecrest Holdings LLC is a private family office grounded in robust operational management.

Established in 2019 and continuously adapting through strategic collaborations, Ridgecrest Holdings LLC oversees investment vehicles and operating entities across diverse business sectors.

Headquartered in Evansville, IN, our family office enjoys a central location that facilitates efficient management of our operations and interests spanning various states and industries.

Our Strengths

Supply Chain & Procurement

Robust processes of acquiring and managing goods and services from suppliers to end users.

Operations & Logistics

Efficient management of all part of supply chain including movement & delivery of goods.

Ecommerce &  Marketing

Utilize proven strategies & techniques to promote and sell products online.

Diversified Realestate Footprint

Minimize risk & enhance investment opportunities utilizing our portfolio of properties accross the United States.

Corporate Finance

Managing and optimizing utilization of financial resources of a company allowing it to acheive its goals.


Utilizing technological knowledge, tools and techniques to improve business and solve problems efficiently.